Jucy Rentals Car Booking

Activating customers travel experiences and a need for speedy car rental bookings

Project Overview

For Jucy, I created a self-service Car Rentals experience with a mobile first and user centric approach. Designed to feel like an app, the work was created in a lean UX environment with agile sprints comprising of build, measurement and learnings.

My Responsibilities

I was tasked with enhancing the experience, so roles like a Service Managers or a Fleet Managers could prioritise urgent jobs, assign the correct Supplier and track the service workflow to it’s competition.

  • Collaborated on key ‘Jobs to be done’ and Jira ‘User Stories’
  • Researched Best Practise
  • Reviewed Competitors
  • Facilitated discovery and ideation workshops
  • Re-defined the user flows and I.A.
  • Created Lo-fi Prototypes
  • Ran and Synthesised Design Testing
  • Interaction Design and Hi-Fi Prototypes

The Work

User Experience from Discovery to Designing Hi-fi Screens

We did some initial Customer Research and persona creation to establish an approach to our concepts. Next we worked with paper prototypes, to free up our thinking. We created lo fidelity prototypes for desktop and mobile snaps. These were user tested, refined and created into user stories for UI designs.

For the beta Car flow, I introduced design patterns to optimise the experience for mobile and expand out for other websites. I followed the premise that ‘Repeat/Weekend Hirer’ want a quick experience to booking a car so kept the functionality simple and like apps key functionality was surfaced on screen.

1. Collaborated to Customer Personas

2. Mapped a New Customer Journey

3. UX Pin Lo-fi Prototype

4. Tested our concepts with Customers

6. Iterated from Customer findings to Hi-fidelity UI and Interaction Designs